Fixes for the Most Common Dog Behaviors  

 Provide designated chew toys whenever you notice inappropriate nibbling and praise chosen appropriate items.  

 Redirect Chewing 

Refuse rewarding begging by ignoring it, praising calmness under the table, crating during meals or requiring a sit staying out of range first.  

Anti-Begging Strategies   

Stop or change directions whenever leash tightens, reward side-by-side positioning to teach no pulling.  

 Loose Leash Walking Methods

Use treats, toys and praise to reinforce brave behavior for anxious dogs, sub-threshold exposures for fearful dogs.   

Confidence Building    

Practice stay, leave it and focus commands, increasing criteria slowly in distraction levels for dogs lacking. 

Impulse Control Training  

 Rule out medical causes first, restrict access when gone, reward potties outside, wash all accident sites thoroughly to address inappropriate eliminations.   

Potty Schedule Adjustments

Use baby gates, place on leash, crate when unattended, muzzle if necessary and consult trainer for aggression.

Careful Management   

Tips for Soothe and Comfort a Stressed Dog