Fascinating Facts About Saint Bernard Dogs

Saint Bernards are famed for rescuing people lost in avalanches in the Swiss Alps during the 18th and 19th centuries.  

Famous Rescues

In the Guinness Book of Records, a Saint Bernard named Benedictine is listed as the heaviest dog ever at 366 pounds!  

Record Holder

Their giant size, Saint Bernards have a very calm and friendly temperament, especially with children.

Gentle Nature 

The average life expectancy for Saint Bernards is 8-10 years due to their susceptibility to various health issues. 

Age Expectancy

In 1957, a Saint Bernard in Italy gave birth to 184 puppies over 4 litters with several different fathers.

184 Puppies!

It takes Saint Bernards up to 3 years to reach their maximum adult size and weight.

Slow Growers  

The American Kennel Club classifies Saint Bernards in the "Working" breed group due to their strength and history of labor.  

Working Group

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