Facts About Mange Infestations in Cats 

Intense scratching from irritation results in crusty bald skin patches, scabs and inflammation.

Severe Itching + Crusts  

Vets diagnose sarcoptic mites causing scabies-style allergic reactions versus potentially fatal Notoedres cati mange

Culprit Mite Identification

Dander, microscopic mites transmitted cat-to-cat directly, on shared beds and grooming favors quick spread in multicat households.  

Highly Contagious  

 Prescriptions eradicate mites systemically while soothing inflamed skin and preventing secondary infections restoring fur.  

 Medicated Dips, Pills Or Shots   

Use veterinarian-advised solutions to rid environment of troublesome mites protecting other resident pets.  

Thoroughly Disinfect

Ensure symptoms don’t reflect medication reactions, hormonal imbalance, parasites etc. complicating recuperation.  

Exclude Underlying Illness  

Follow vet directions for any ongoing skin health medications or food to prevent recurrence.   

Maintenance Plan

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