Facts About Cute Curly-Coated Kinkalow Cats

The Kinkalow originated in the 1990s when a breeder crossed Munchkin cats with American Curl cats seeking a new curly tailed kitten.

Bred in America  

Kinkalows showcase a thick wavy coat akin to astrakhan fur requiring weekly brushing and conditioning to prevent mats

Curly Coated

“Purr-ito” suits the Kinkalow's habit of contentedly curling into a little furry ball resembling a wrapped burrito!

 Fun Nicknames 

An adult Kinkalow reaches about 9-12 inches tall thanks to Munchkin lineage influencing proportional dwarfism.  

Short Stature  

Kinkalow coats shine in red, cream, black, blue, chocolate, lilac and patterns like tortoiseshell.  

Range of Colors  

Kinkalow kittens seem to never run out of kittenish energy. Prepare for lively cuddly cuteness.  

 Active Kittens

Kinkalows crave constant company. They do best in homes where they receive plenty interaction.  

Social Butterflies

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