Essential Tips to Protect Your Dog From Ticks  

Steer clear of wooded, bushy areas with tall grasses where ticks lie in wait to latch onto passersby. Stick to open paths.

Avoid Areas

Thoroughly check your dog’s coat and skin for embedded ticks after outdoor adventures, using a fine-tooth comb.


Use tick removal tools to swiftly extract any found parasites without leaving mouthparts behind to cause infection.

Remove Properly 

Ask your vet about reliable topical medications, tick prevention collars, sprays or spot-ons to repel and kill ticks on contact.  


Certain diseases like Lyme from ticks can be vaccinated against as an added shield of protection for your pup.  


Keep your dog’s coat trimmed short during tick season for easier visible detection and less places for ticks to hide unseen.


If you do find an embedded tick get it tested for diseases and have your vet run a blood test screening your dog for common coinfections.   


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