Essential Tips for Caring for Your Dog's Paws

Clean paws help prevent infection, especially after outdoor walks. Use gentle soap and thoroughly dry.  

Regular Washing 

 Apply moisturizing balm to cracked paw pads. Don't use human lotion which can irritate.

 Mind the Pads 

Clip fur between paw pads to prevent painful ice balls or debris catching during walks.  

Fur Trimming

Blunt long nails prone to cracking or getting caught via gradual clipping.

 Schedule Nail Trims 

Use dog booties to shield paws from hot pavement or ice melt chemicals. 

Protect from Elements

Check for embedded debris, odd lumps, limping, excessive licking indicating injury or infection.

 Inspect Carefully

Have veterinarians assess any persistent limping or paw discomfort.

When in Doubt, Ask the Vet

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