Essential First Time Dog Owner Tips 

Shop for food bowls, beds, leashes, collars, poop bags, brushes, toys and designer ID tags so everything’s ready for Fido’s arrival.


Make your home safer by storing harmful items, covering electric cords, securing trash cans and removing small objects pups might swallow.

Puppy Proof 

Annual exams, vaccines, preventatives protecting from parasites/fleas can cost $400+ yearly. Have a vet selected who accepts new patients too.

Vet Care

Plan to invest time and money into positive obedience training classes right away for the best mannered, socialized dog. 


Research breeds thoroughly so expectations around energy levels, size, grooming needs, barking tendencies, and temperaments match your lifestyle.   

Breed Traits   

Provide sufficient physical and mental workouts to avoid boredom based behavioral issues like prolific chewing or digging later on.

Exercise Needs  

Give new rescue or adopted dogs 2-4 weeks to comfortably transition into your household’s routines before expecting full trust. 

Adjust Time 

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