Essential Facts About the Toyger Cat Breed 

Toygers showcase creatively bred, naturalistic tiger-like vivid stripes and markings.

Purposefully Stripy Coat

They boast brawny, athletic feline physiques reminiscent of tiny tigers.  

Imposing Mini Tiger Build  

 Their novelty limits numbers currently, although popularity grows for these splashy cats.

Extremely Uncommon  

Confident, inquisitive personalities endear them to the growing following of fans.  

Gregarious Nature

Weighing 10-18 lbs at maturity, Toygers impressively resemble pocket tigers.

Impressive Muscular Size  

Developer Judy Sudgen carefully bred these breeds to craft the Toyger's trademark looks.

Bengal + Shorthair Ancestry   

Toyger kittens closely resemble mini tigers from shared signature markings.  

Litter of Lookalikes

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