Ear Mites in Dogs and Their Treatment

 Excessive head shaking and scratching alerts an owner to discomfort typical of mite infestation.

Intense Ear Itching   

A dark crumbly discharge resembling coffee grounds in external ear canals signals mites.

Coffee Grounds Debris  

Under an otoscope, vets visibly identify the tiny white mites moving on the red, irritated skin.   

Veterinary Diagnosis  

 Ear mites easily spread between dogs and cats sharing resting areas and grooming each other.

Highly Contagious

 Vets often prescribe antibiotic and steroid ear drops to resolve infections and itchiness caused by mites.

Medicated Ear Drops

Anti-parasitic treatments like ivermectin, milbemycin, and moxidectin clear mite infestations.

Oral Medications

Applying mineral oil smothers many mites. Repeat regularly along with manual debris removal.

Mineral Oil  

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