Dogs Growing Most Puppy to Adult

Mastiffs can grow from 12 pound puppies to 230 pound adults, gaining over 200 pounds.


Great Danes grow rapidly from 5 pound newborns to 175 pound adults, gaining 170 pounds.

Great Dane

St. Bernard puppies weigh just 1 pound but grow to 180 pounds as adults, putting on 179 pounds.  

St. Bernard

From tiny 5 pound puppies, Newfoundlands become 150 pound adults, gaining 145 pounds.


Leonberger puppies grow from 5 pounds to 170 pounds when fully grown, packing on 165 pounds.


Weighing 1 pound at birth, Great Pyrenees become 160 pound adults, gaining 159 pounds.

Great Pyrenees

Irish Wolfhounds put on 150 pounds, growing from 5 pound newborns to 155 pound adults.

Irish Wolfhound

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