Dog Vaccine Questions New Owners Have

Core vaccines protect against distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and rabies as required by law.

Vaccines Are Needed?  

Puppies require a series of vaccinations on an age timeline for immunity with optional vaccines as well.  

Vaccine Schedule Timeline   

Yes, core vaccines prevent often fatal contagious diseases dogs are highly vulnerable to.  

Are Vaccines Necessary?   

Soreness at injection site, fatigue and fever may occur briefly indicating immune activation.   

 Common Side Effects?   

Get annual boosters for core dog vaccines though rabies shots every 1-3 years by law.   

Booster Shots Needed? 

GI irritation is unlikely with the injected method but monitor for appetite issues.

Can Shots Upset Stomach?  

Over-vaccination arguments persist but vets determine necessary safe protection.

Some Vaccines Controversial?   

Finding the Right Veterinarian for Your Dog