Dog Owners On Eliminating Pet Odors  

Bathing removes dirt and oils that cause odor on fur and skin especially helpful for stinky breeds.  

Bathe Regularly   

Use enzymatic cleaners and sanitize dog beds weekly to tackle embedded smells from secretions.

Wash Bedding  

Routinely vacuum all floors well to pick up dead hair and dander reducing airborne smells.  

Vacuum Fur  

Brush long, thick coats allowing dirt near skin causing odor to lift off.

Groom Coats  

 Have vets diagnose and properly treat recurring skin issues or ear infections associated with smells.  

Address Skin Infections   

Use HEPA air filters and deodorizing sprays to freshen indoor air.   

Air Filters + Sprays

Assess if odors correlate with food intolerance or imbalance needing veterinary nutrition adjustment.

Monitor Diet  

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