Dog Dementia Behaviors to Watch For

Dementia dogs may seem confused about locations in home or when on walks, getting lost in familiar areas


 Increased urinating or defecating in house can indicate cognitive decline and forgetting house training.  

Accidents Increase 

Nighttime waking, restlessness and pacing signal sundowners syndrome, worsening mental function at night.

Sleep Cycle Shifts  

Dementia dogs may stare at walls blankly, seem stuck in corners unable to navigate rooms due to confusion.

Appear Stuck  

Forgetting well known cues like sit or stay points toward progressive memory and brain impairment over time.

Fail Commands  

 Increased clinginess, trembling, whining can stem from fear and unfamiliarity as environment gets puzzling.

Anxiety Rises  

 Consult your vet before trying dog dementia supplements containing antioxidants that may protect brain cell health. 

Supplement Trial 

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