Dog Breeds With Only White Fur

Originally bred to hunt vermin, energetic yet cuddly "Westies" sport all-white silky straight coats needing regular grooming.

West Highland 

Mini cotton ball Bichon Frises maintain their hypoallergenic white powder puff appearance with consistent brushing and clipping. 

Bichon Frise 

Majestic heavy shedders, the bright white fluffy Samoyed hails from Siberia with its famous smiling expression.


Beloved lap dogs, long-haired Maltese showcase elegant white floor-length locks requiring extensive upkeep to avoid matting and staining. 


A white variant of German Shepherds, these obedient herding breeds have long sturdy white fur with tan accents.

White Swiss Shepherd   

Additional white breeds include White Boxers, White German Shepherds, Polish Lowland Sheepdogs and White Dobermans.

More Spotless Breeds

Their uniform snowy coats truly dazzle, especially when groomed properly to flaunt their picture-perfect saturated hue.

Total Eye Candy

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