Dog Breeds That Sport The Brindle Coat

Iconic gentle giants. Brindle Danes have a fawn base coat streaked with black stripes.

Great Dane

 The brindle pattern brings out muscular Pit Bull physiques. Loyal companions with proper handling.  

Pit Bull   

 Prized sighthounds. Fast brindle Greyhounds have a red fawn or brown base coat with darker stripes.  


Sturdy small hunters and ratters. Shaggy brindle coats in red, gray and sandy tones.   

Cairn Terrier

Smart brindle Boxers have orange/fawn coats with black stripes. Devoted personalities.


Charming clowns of the dog world. Fawn brindle Pugs have grey-black stripes on apricot fur.


 Bold hunting hounds. Brindle Plotts have a brown/black striped coat. Athletic and bright.

Plott Hound   

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