Dog Breeds That Are Going Out of Style

The iconic firehouse pups dramatized in books and movies have dropped over 98% in AKC registrations since 1997.   


Once America’s 4th most popular breed now seldom seen outside competitive rings due to high energy unsuitable for modern life.  

 Irish Setter    

Represented in advertising for decades but the independent Scottie personality and coat care make them rare house pets now.

Scottish Terrier

Prized vocal trailing hounds require space and exercise making them uncommon outside rural areas nowadays.  


With intricate grooming needs, suspicion of strangers and sometimes aggression, Chow Chows are seldom city companions now.

Chow Chow  

Soaring size over 120 pounds and expansive exercise requirements explain the steep drop in St. Bernard households.   

St Bernard  

Queen Elizabeth’s preferred breed but interbreeding and back health issues are severely threatening Corgi numbers.

 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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