Dog breeds saving lives every day

As guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs, intelligent Labrador Retrievers lead and protect.

Labrador Retrievers

Known for police, military and guard duties, fearless German Shepherd police dogs take down criminals while Search & Rescue Shepherds

German Shepherds

Famous for Alpine rescues, large & powerful Saint Bernards plow through deep snow to uncover victims. 

Saint Bernards

As detection dogs, persistent Beagles are prized for their superior sense of smell. They excel at sniffing out contraband food, plants and animals at airports.


Bright standard Poodles are eager to please, making them perfect service dogs. Miniature and toy poodles also work as hearing


Border Collies channel their energy into intense concentration and a strong work ethic. 

Border Collie

Friendly Golden Retrievers shine as guide dogs and for search and rescue. Their affectionate nature also suits them to therapy

Golden Retriever

Most High Risk Dog Breeds