Dog Breeds Most Often Spoiled by Owners 

Charming clown faceshard to resist! But weight gain, dental disease and behavior problems can develop without limits.


Graceful lapdogs bred as companions since the Renaissance Period continue their reign as royally pampered pets.  

 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Perhaps envious of the special treatment their royal relatives receive, these herding dogs also enjoy the finest.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

 Favored by Chinese nobles for centuries, these fluffy "little lions" still expect the princely life today.

Shih Tzus  

Their flowing snowy coats kept them in palaces as adored lap warmers - owners continue doting treatment.


Overindulging small dogs with too many treats or table scraps commonly causes obesity and disease.

Weight Risks

Excessive spoiling prevents dogs learning manners, self-soothing skills leading to demanding, anxious dogs.

Behavior Issues  

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