Dog breeds gaining popularity 

The silly, affectionate French Bulldog has skyrocketed from 61st most popular breed in 2000 to number 4 currently thanks to their cute bat ears

French Bulldogs  

Adorable crossbreed Pomskies combine the lively Pomeranian with the wolf-like Husky. Pomsky popularity has soared due to their fluffy coats 


Aussiedoodles mix the loyal Australian Shepherd with the smart Poodle for the best of both worlds. 


The cross between the gentle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and faithful Mini Poodle, sweet-tempered Cava-poos inherit the best traits of both parent breeds. 


Massive yet kind Mastiffs have seen registration leap over 500% in 20 years. Owners love their gigantic size along with their docile


Affectionate Havanese have vaulted in popularity thanks to their upbeat, people-loving personality in a lapdog sized package. 


This slower paced setter combines the friendliness of Goldens with beauty of Irish Setters. Owners prize the breed’s serene loyalty 

White Setter 

The 7 calmest dog breeds