Does My Dog Need a Coat

Short-haired and miniature breed dogs need more cold weather coverage outdoors.  

Breed Matters

Young and senior dogs have less ability to regulate body temperature. Added insulation helps.

Age Counts   

Dogs spending 30+ minutes in freezing temperatures benefit from waterproof, windproof coats.

Time Outside

Fine or thin coats offer less warmth than thick double-layered fur coats some breeds sport.

Fur Type & Length

Dogs with pre-existing respiratory issues, arthritis or prior cold injuries need extra barriers against the cold.  

Health Concerns

Check coat neck size, length, straps and material to match your dog's needs for comfort and coverage.

Proper Fit Matters

No coat replaces monitoring dogs outside for shivering, lifting paws off the ground or signs of frostbite.  

Monitor Dog Closely  

Collar Types For Every Dog