Does My Cat Have Feelings?

 Cats use a range of vocalizations like meows, trills, and yowls to clearly communicate hunger, fear, irritation, contentment and more.   

Vocalization Cues  

Ecstatic greetings when owners return with vigorous affection displays sadness at any separation time.   

Excitable Reunions  

Marked behavioral and attitude changes when attention shifts away signals complex emotions like jealousy.  


When cats snub those in bad moods and shower happier people in unprompted affection, linked feelings emerge.  

 Mood Mirroring

Cats comforting crying owners or children by cuddling up to them ties into higher brain processing of understanding and sharing emotions of distress requiring alleviation.

Empathetic Connections 

Manifestation of stress linked illnesses like FLUTD, arthritis, upper respiratory infections proves deeply rooted anxiety, frustration is present.   

Stress Symptoms  

Jumping, twirling with joy, relaxed flopping over for belly rubs shows happiness and content emotions take hold upon rejoining owners

Celebrate Your Return! 

Reasons Behind This Quirky Feline Behavior