Do House Cats Get Bored Alone

Originally solitary hunters, cats can sleep over 15 hours a day but have active waking periods requiring stimulation.


Destructive chewing, meowing, aggression, lethargy, overgrooming and loss of appetite may indicate your cat is bored and needs more activity.


Provide puzzle feeders, rotating toys, scratching posts, window perches and hiding boxes to entertain your cat while you're away at work.


Schedule daily energetic play sessions with fishing pole toys and laser pointers when home to relieve your cat's pent up energy and curiosity.  


Consider getting a second kitten or cat for lonely single cats to have a playmate and cuddle companion when left home alone.


Hire pet sitters to come visit, play with and tend to your cat's needs for pets and affection on days when you're gone for extended hours.

Pet Sitters

Don't disturb natural sleep cycles by waking your sleeping cat out of boredom and provide welcoming stimuli when your cat is alert and ready to engage.


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