Do Dogs Lose Their Teeth?

Just like humans, puppies sport a set of temporary baby teeth. These sharp little needles erupt around 3 weeks old, paving the way for their adult chompers.

Baby Blues

As your pup grows, their permanent teeth start pushing through, causing the baby teeth to loosen and fall out. 

Adult Teeth Arrive

By around 6 months old, most puppies have their full set of 42 adult teeth. These include incisors for gnawing, canines for tearing, premolars for crunching, and molars for grinding.

All Smiles

Adult tooth loss in older dogs is a cause for concern. Gum disease, trauma, and even certain health conditions can lead to loose or missing teeth.

Adult Teeth Go Missing

Regular brushing is key to preventing dental problems in dogs. Start early and make it a fun part of their routine. 

Brushing Buddies

Provide your pup with safe and satisfying chew toys to help keep their teeth clean and prevent them from gnawing on furniture.

Dental-Friendly Treats

You're not just keeping their breath minty fresh, you're also helping to prevent painful dental problems and ensuring their overall health and well-being. 

Wagging Smiles

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