Do Dogs Help Humans Reduce Stress?

Multiple studies found dogs reduce stress hormone cortisol & lower heart rate/blood pressure, meaning less anxiety. Dog owners have better wellbeing.

Dogs & Stress 

Petting & playing with dogs increases oxytocin, dopamine & serotonin levels to improve mood & sociability. This helps relieve anxiety & feelings of loneliness.


Trained therapy dogs provide affection & comfort to people in hospitals, nursing homes, schools & disaster sites to ease anxiety, depression & trauma.

Emotional Support

Petting a dog can lower anxiety & blood pressure as effectively as meditation or medication. Heart rates slow through bonding hormone oxytocin.

Anxiety & Blood Pressure  

Dog owners have better cardiovascular health, including lower BP, cholesterol & triglycerides. They also have less depression, better life quality & sleep

Health & Wellbeing

Dogs motivate owners to exercise, get outside & have a consistent daily routine which improves physical & mental health, reducing stress & loneliness. 

Companionship & Routine

Breeds like Labrador Retriever, Poodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Havanese are recommended for reducing anxiety & boosting mood.  


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