Do Dogs Cry?

Dogs lack the brain connections that produce tears in response to emotions like humans. But they do express grief.

No Emotional Tears 

Dogs naturally produce murky tears to keep their eyes clean and healthy. These are not emotion-based

Weeping Eyes

Dogs vocalize grief, sadness, and physical distress through whimpers, howls, whines, and yelps.

Whimpers and Howls

Sad dogs display a lowered tail, flattened ears, and averted gaze.

Droopy Tail and Ears

Depressed dogs often sleep and eat less. Some become more attached to their owners.

Behavior Changes

If you think your dog is mourning or sad, give them extra love and affection. Consult a vet if behavior persists.

Comfort Your Dog

While dogs feel complex emotions, we should avoid projecting human traits like crying onto them.


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