Do Dogs And Cats Sleep Longer When It's Cold

Dogs and cats do tend to sleep more in the wintertime as temperatures get colder outside. This extended sleep helps them conserve energy.


The drop in temperatures signals their bodies to conserve energy because hunting/finding food takes more effort in cold weather. 


Shorter daylight hours in winter also signal pets' bodies that it's time to sleep longer. Lack of exercise due to cold weather plays a role too.

Other Factors  

Most dogs sleep 12-14 hours in normal weather but may sleep up to 18 hours per day in the winter months. 

How Much More

The amount of additional sleep may vary, but winter weather clearly causes an increase in sleep duration for most pets

Big Difference

The extra sleep pets get in winter allows their bodies to restore and repair which supports good health. 


Make sure pets have warm, draft-free spaces to sleep in winter. Provide extra bedding and consider a companion animal to cuddle with for warmth!  


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