Do Dogs Actually Enjoy Kisses

Dog mouth licking and kisses mean different things in canine communication than human affection, so confusion can occur.  

 Unfamiliar Gesture

 While some dogs tolerate kisses to please owners, others dislike full face-licking feeling invasive of their space.   

Tolerance Varies   

Stress signs like lip licking, head turning, and yawning while being kissed indicates they want mouth access limited

Calming Signals   

Focus kissing on your dog's head or back instead while providing chin scratches and cuddles they can enjoy more.

Respect Preferences  

Dog mouths house more bacteria than humans, raising risks of transmission to immunocompromised owners when swapping spit.  

Health Considerations   

Sniff handshakes, gentle strokes along back and legs, torso hugs, activities together show dogs caring without the slobber factor.

Alternative Affection  

Let pups initiate any face licking and pull away freely. Don't ever hold them in place unwillingly just to steal a smooch.   

Consent & Choice  

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