Do Cats Sweat? 

Unlike humans, cats rarely visibly sweat. Their sweat glands aren't located to produce cooling perspiration.  

Minimal Sweat 

The only concentrated sweat glands in cats are on their paw pads. This light sweat helps grip surfaces.

Paw Pads

Instead of sweating, cats pant to evaporate moisture from mouth and tongue. This cools blood flowing through capillaries.

Heat Loss   

Cats also cool via saliva from grooming. As it evaporates from fur, it pulls heat from skin.

Saliva & Fur  

While rare, cats can sweat when overheated or under high stress. Check for pallor, panting, vomiting, diarrhea.

Stress Sweats  

You may see kitty "sweat" from sebaceous oil and scent gland secretions. But it's not the same as cooling sweat.

Skin Secretions

Keep cats cool and calm. Check with your vet if you notice significant sweating as it may indicate illness.  

Tips & Prevention 

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