Do Cats Feel The Cold In Winter

Covered in fur and fat with a higher core body temperature, cats are built to readily withstand cold better than humans.  


While quite resilient in cold and snow, even hardy cats can succumb to hypothermia or frostbitten ears/paws in extreme freezing temperatures.


Hairless Sphynx cats have almost no fur coat insulation from the cold while Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coons thrive.


Outdoor and feral cats require insulated shelter like straw bedding when temperatures drop freezing to avoid illness.


Indoor cats prone to feeling chilly may benefit from cozy sweaters, heating pads, or snuggling up with owners under warm blankets.


Shivering, whining, hiding, restless over-grooming and depressed appetite can signal your cat is uncomfortably cold and needs warming.


Assure your cat comes indoors on bitter cold nights and seal any drafts sneaking inside your home.  


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