Do Cats Enjoy Kisses from Owners?

Cats don't enjoy face kisses - mouths and noses greeting other cats signals conflict! Give kisses near ears instead. 

Dislike Mouth  

Narrowed eyes while kissing means "back off!" But relaxed open eyes and slow blinks give the green light.   

 Slower Blinks  

Don't let cats lick the inside of your mouth - diseases like toxoplasmosis transmit through saliva!

Hygiene Risks   

If your cat constantly nudges your mouth for kisses, check for dental pain or nutritional deficiencies.

Persistent Kisser

Purring, rubbing their head on you or initiating cuddles means rewarded by kisses!  

Signs They Like  

To show affection without unwanted kisses, try chin scratches, cheek rubs or letting them sniff or lick hands!


Never force interaction if body language conveys dislike such as ears back, tail swishing or tensing up. 

 Respect Discomfort  

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