Do Cats Enjoy Kisses and Cuddles

Cats begging for affection, invading your space demonstrates desire for quality time and physical connection. 

Soliciting Attention  

Ecstatic purring and kneading while being cuddled conveys ultimate bliss and encouragement to continue bonding gestures.

Happy Paws  

Your cat head butting and rubbing on your face when you go in for kisses means "more affection please!".  

Head Bonks of Love

 Extended blinks while snuggled up says they trust you completely and are super content.  

Slow Blink Bliss

Blissful cheek smooshing against your face as you kiss signals mutually adored special friendship.  

Cheeky Cats

 Excited chattering while carried, petted are sings of true happiness from your displays of affection.  

Chirpy with Joy

Rumbly purrs, kneading paws and full body snuggles to your kisses proves genuine affection!  

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