Do Cats Enjoy And Want To Be Pet?

Most cats do thoroughly enjoy a good stroking session in the right circumstances. Petting produces relaxing endorphins and bonding hormones.


Many cats love having their chins, cheeks and the areas around their mouths gently rubbed and scratched. 


Giving the head region some delicate massage action often scores major affection points. Focus on temples, ears and under the jaw.


Stroking along the spine downward from head to tail generally serves up bountiful petting satisfaction. They can't easily reach to groom there.


Cats can suddenly bite or swat mid-pet if they get overstimulated. Learn their tolerance signs and retreat when noted. 

Overdoing It  

Shy cats may require treat bribes first before allowing handling. Gradually increase touch duration with rewards as trust builds.  


Always let your cat freely walk away if they lose interest in petting even if you want more cuddle time. Consent matters!


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