Diet Adjustments As Your Puppy Matures Into Dog  

Switch from 3-4 puppy meals a day to 2 meals suited for slower adult dog metabolism.  

Fewer Daily Meals

Avoid obesity by feeding less high-calorie puppy formula and appropriately sized dog portions. 

Cut Calories

Provide food delivering complete adult dog nutrition with proteins, grains, fruits/veggies.

 Balanced Nutrition  

 Look for DHA, glucosamine, chondroitin to support joint health and cognitive function.  

Joint + Brain Support

 Choose small breed or large breed blends to address growth rate differences.  

Size-Specific Diets

 Assess body condition regularly and adjust food as needed for ideal weight.

Monitor Changes  

With careful diet changes as your puppy matures, you’ll have many wonderful years together ahead!

Healthy Years Ahead!

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