Detecting Conjunctivitis in Cats and Treatment  

Yellow, green or whitish eye discharge indicates possible conjunctivitis infection behind inflammation.

Colored Eye Drainage 

Blinking tries clearing foreign irritants while reddened inner eyelids suggest illness.

Frequent Blinking

Repeatedly pawing at eyes attempts relieving discomfort from infections.

 Rubbing Eyes  

Unwillingness to open eyes signals light hurts exacerbated by conjunctivitis.   

Keeping Eyes Close

Have eye discharge, swelling and space between eyelids inspected to determine appropriate medication.  

Veterinary Diagnosis 

Follow directions diligently applying antibiotic drops or ointments to remedy underlying bacterial causes.

Prescription Treatment  

Prevent repeats by eliminating origination sources like dusty litter, smoke, pollen allergies if possible post-recovery. 

 Identify Root Irritation

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