Design Tips to Hide Your Cat's Litter Box

Hooded litter pans or furniture-like boxes with lowered front entries blend more seamlessly into room decor than open trays.

Litter Box Solutions

Tuck litter boxes behind chairs, couches, storage cabinets keeping the front doorway accessible for cats to utilize.  

Furniture Placement  

Stash litter box in lower hamper cabinetry, mesh basket enclosures or behind folding privacy screen panels in utility areas.  

Laundry Room Storage   

Install a cat door insert within existing cabinetry or convert bottom base shelves in bookcases to conceal litter areas.

Cabinet Conversions

All-in-one furniture litter box enclosures completely contain pans within, featuring roof vents and scratch-resistant surfaces.   

Litter Box Furniture   

Place potted plants, room dividers or shoji screens around litter box zones to distract the eye from functional cat bathroom spaces.  

Landscaping Camouflage

Paint litter furnishings or enclosure walls shared neutral accent shades that complement existing architectural trim and palette flows.  

Coordinate Paint Colors

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