Decode Your Cat's Actions  

Your cat's behaviors, body language, vocalizations and habits can offer insights into how they are feeling.

Behavior Breakdown

From purrs to chirps and meows to growls, vocalizations convey messages like contentment, concern, irritation, distress or impatience.   

Vocal Cues

Erect, swiveling ears show interest and alarm while swishing, puffed or wagging tails can signal various emotional states.

Ear & Tail Signs 

Kneading with front paws recalls nursing while head-butts mark territory, show affection and trust from kitty.  

Kneading & Head-butts

Grooming, playful biting of hands and chasing can be healthy interactions. Monitor any concerning or aggressive displays closely.  

What's Normal

A cat's unique personality and quirks takes time. Patience and care build bonds unlocking subtleties.  

Know Thy Cat

Keep cats active physically and mentally with toys, furniture, scratchers. A calm, enriched home minimizes anxiety and stress.


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