Deciding Between Adopting a Male or Female Cat

Unfixed males and females tend to be more energetic and vocal than neutered cats aiming to roam for mates.

Activity Levels 

Unspayed females may spray while intact males definitely urine mark territory more frequently than fixed cats.  

 Marking Behaviors  

Unneutered male aggression greatly exceeds unspayed females toward other cats from mating competition though proper introductions curb fighting.  

Aggression Risk  

Male cats ultimately grow considerably larger and heavier than female cats on average.

 Growth Size  

 Unfixed male cats strongly attempt escaping seeking females in heat to breed, whereas unspayed females draw competing suitors near home.  

Roaming and Wandering  

Spaying female cats provides health benefits over repeated estrus cycles and mammary tumors making care cheaper despite higher upfront surgery fees.

 Long-Term Vet Costs  

Prospective owners may connect better through play style or perceived temperament gender stereotypes. 

Personal Preference

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