Cutest Teddy Bear Dog Breeds Perfect for Cuddling

Those curly Poodle coats give them a precious stuffed animal look. Very cuddly too!


Their fluffy mane and stout build resembles a snuggly teddy. Aloof with strangers. 

Chow Chow  

These plush "Dutch Barge Dogs" have the ultimate huggable coats.


 Tiny and fluffy, it's hard to resist squeezing these little furballs. 


White fluffy coats make Samoyeds look like living teddy bears.  


An adorable Nordic breed with sweet expression and thick cotton coat.

American Eskimo Dog

Round shape with floor-length silky fur resembles a cute stuffed toy. Affectionate pets.

 Shih Tzu

Most Clever Retriever Mixed Breed Dogs