Cute Male Kitten Names For Your New Cat

Oliver is currently the most popular male cat name thanks to the mischievous orange kitty from Disney's "Oliver & Company


Leo is a short, cute name for a "lionhearted" brave little male kitten. It was the 5th most popular boy cat name in 2022.


Milo is a friendly sounding male name that comes from the old German word meaning "soldier" or "merciful


Felix means "lucky" or "successful" in Latin. It's been a common male cat name for decades, as Felix the Cat shows.


Simon is an adorable male name meaning "listening" that ranked in last year's top 10 cat names. 


Pepper is a spicy food name that works perfectly for a feisty male kitten with some attitude. It's unique but easy to say.


Miles is an approachable male name that evokes traveling long distances - something cats love to do outdoors


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