Current 7 Most Popular Dog Breeds Kept as Pets

Friendly outgoing Labrador Retrievers keep their reign on the global top spot as most popular dogs worldwide

 Labrador Retriever  

The French Bulldog continues its meteoric rise now internationally as the 2nd most loved dog breed kept as pets.

 French Bulldog 

America's family sweetheart for years ranks 3rd popular internationally with its sunny affectionate disposition.  

Golden Retriever  

On the rise in popularity, sociable Bulldogs take spot #4 due to their loving loyal personality beyond physical looks.


Smart poodles charmed their way up to 5th most popular dogs worldwide thanks to their upbeat trainable temperament.  


Friendly family-oriented Beagles rank 6th most popular as pets who create deep close bonds with their special humans.   


German Shepherds rank as the 7th most popular pet dogs internationally thanks to their noble, intelligent nature

German Shepherd 

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