Could Grass Cause My Dog's Allergies?

Like humans, dogs can develop allergies to grass pollens, especially in spring and summer when levels peak.

Pollen Reaction  

Grass allergies are very prevalent in dogs. Bermuda, timothy, ryegrass, bluegrass often trigger reactions.   

Common Culprit 

Itchy skin, licking paws, hives, sneezing, watery eyes point to environmental & grass allergies.


Red, irritated, swollen paws are common grass allergy symptoms since paws contact grasses directly.

Foot Focus  

Some dogs get skin inflammation and rashes on belly from contact with grasses and pollens.

Belly Rash

Oral medications, ointments, paw rinses, Omega oils help provide allergy symptom relief.  


Bathe & rinse paws after outdoor play. Restrict activity during peak pollen times if possible.


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