Cost of Cat Ownership 

Feed premium cat food for $200-300 yearly. Daily portions of wet and dry food important for hydration and dental health.


Litter costs up to $200 yearly. Scoop daily and change completely every 2 weeks. Use clumping, unscented litter.  


Annual vet exams around $200-400. Additional illness visits average $100-200 per. Save over $500 yearly with pet insurance.

Vet Care

Yearly nail trims $100-150. Regular brushing at home removes loose hair. Few baths needed unless long-haired.


Interactive toys for exercise average $50-100 yearly. Rotate new and old toys to prevent boredom.


Budget $100-150 for healthy treats. Use sparingly, around 5% of diet. Purchase single-ingredient natural treats.  


Lifetime microchipping averages $45. Tags run $10-20 yearly. Licensing fees depend on location, typically under $20 per year.


What Your Cat Loves