Complete Grooming Guide for Persian Cats

Use a stainless steel comb to pick through knots & distribute skin oils through fur.  

Daily Brushing

Bathe every 2-3 months with cat shampoo & conditioner. Dry thoroughly to avoid matting.

Occasional Bathing  

Clip nails every 2-3 weeks to avoid overgrowth and scratches. Include soft carriers for safety.   

Nails Trimming  

 Check and wipe ears weekly for debris & waxy buildup using cotton balls.

Ears Cleaning

Gently wipe eye area crud daily. Seek vet care if signs of infection.  

Eyes Care  

Never shave. Carefully cut out mats on longer fur with sharp scissors.  

Mats Removal

Use daily spritzes and wipes between full grooming to spot clean & detangle fur.

between Grooms  

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