Common Feline Eye Diseases and Disorders

This common highly contagious eye inflammation causes redness, swelling, eye discharge and blinking. Antibiotic drops clear infection rapidly.


 Surface eye scratches risk infection. Cats tear excessively, rub eyes suggesting corneal injury requiring medication.   

Corneal Ulcers

Clouding of eye lens obstructs light intake signaling cats can’t see you enter a room. Surgery restores some vision lost.  


Excess eye pressure damages vision nerves. Cloudy appearing pupils, reluctant to move in dim light prompts vet exam.  


Tear deficiency from eyelid/blink issues leaves eyes irritated. Eyelid scrubs and drops replenish moisture.

Dry Eye

Swelling of tear producing gland tissue. Veterinarian tucks protruding section back under lid surgically.  

Cherry Eye   

Chemical exposure, scratches and puncture wounds require urgent vet care to save vision and prevent lasting damage.

Eye Injuries  

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