Cat Breeds With Stunning Big Eyes

Gentle Ragdolls have breathtaking bright blue round eyes that enhance their sweet, trusting expression.  


Grand champion show cats, lovely Persians are hallmarked by their huge, round copper eyes and smooshed faces.


Snowshoes have a bold blue-eyed white face sharply contrasting their darker point coloration.  


A Persian hybrid, Exotics inherit the pop-out eyes but in a more manageable compact body.

Exotic Shorthair 

Stunning gold to yellow eyes against sleek, dark fur give Burmese cats an alluring yet playful look.   


Vocal Siamese are known for their striking baby blue almond-shaped eyes in a contrasting darker face.  


Bald, wrinkly Sphynx cats have huge lemon-shaped eyes that emphasize their silly personality.  


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