Cat Breeds With Long Lifespans

Known for their loud voices and gorgeous coats, Siamese cats often live over 15 years on average. 


Tailless Manx cats are speedy and loving pets. With an average lifespan reaching 14-15 years


Closely related to the Siamese, the long-haired Balinese shares a similar lifespan of over 15 years when properly cared for.


The Burmese cat charms owners with their playfulness and loyalty while often exceeding 16-18 years of life. 


Despite their delicate appearance and curly coats, Cornish Rex cats are hearty and adaptable, frequently living over 15 years. 

Cornish Rex

Japanese Bobtails are friendly, intelligent felines that adapt well to new people and environments. With average lifespans reaching 15-18 years

Japanese Bobtail

Savannah cats have striking spotted or marbled coats resembling wild servals along with comparable long lifespans of 12-20 years.


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