Caring Tips for Your Tiny Pup  

Feed a high-quality small breed diet. Avoid malnutrition and obesity with the right portion sizes.

Nutrition Needs   

Brush frequently to prevent mats and skin issues. Trim nails often since little pups don't walk far.  

Groom Regularly

Monitor environment, use sweaters and booties so tiny bodies don't get too hot or cold.

Mind the Temp  

Short, gentle walks and indoor play provide enough activity for small statures and energy levels.

Give Exercise

Block access to dangers like falls, choking hazards so vulnerable toy breeds stay safe.  

Puppy Proof 

Crates give tiny pups an adaptable safe space offering security when left alone.

Crate Train  

Get regular wellness exams to catch problems early before they become severe.  

Vet Check-Ups

Top Tricks for Teaching Your Tiny Pup