Caring for Your Aging Dog or Cat

Gradually adapt environment and schedule changes for an aging dog or cat. Maintain consistency.

Adjust Routine Slowly

Have your vet advise pain medications, supplements, massages, physiotherapy to keep your senior pet comfortable.

Pain Proactively 

Provide thick orthopedic beds and cushioned mats to support joints and alleviate arthritis.

Soft Bedding 

Ensure easy access around the home with pet steps, ramps, lifted food bowls, and litter boxes.

 Install Pet Steps

Engage smell, sound, touch, sight to enrich mental health. Try puzzles, gentle play, soothing music.

Stimulate Senses  

Feed senior dog or cat food. Add broths, oils for hydration and calories. Monitor weight.

Adjust Nutrition

Gently trim nails, brush fur, and clean eyes and ears regularly if your aging pet needs it.


Healing Vibrations and Energies of Cats