Canine Heroes That Save Human Lives  

Detect explosives at airports, events preventing tragedy through their incredible scenting ability.

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs  

Lead blind/visually impaired individuals safely around obstacles changing their independence and mobility.  

 Guide Dogs

Notify people of impending seizures, low blood sugar or other conditions allowing life-saving intervention.

Medical Alert Dogs   

Pull/alert first responders to children, disabled, and elders unable to escape burning buildings or buried by catastrophe.  

 Firefighting + SAR Dogs  

Lift spirits and promote healing in hospitals, disaster sites, deployed military units, trauma scenes.

Therapy Dogs   

Track buried skiers using scenting power saving entire groups by guiding dig crews.

Avalanche Rescue Dogs   

Foster collective coping as communities heal during turmoil or tragedy.  

Community Guardians  

Top Breeds of Hairless and Bald Dogs Worldwide