Can Dogs Sense When They Are Nearing Death

Research suggests dogs may be able perceive changes leading up to their own deaths, based on observed physical response 

Possible Awareness

Sensing impending decline seems gradual. Old/sick dogs losing function begin sleeping more

Gradual Process

Some dying dogs may dig/scratch beds, pace to find comfort spots for resting/sleeping - perhaps instinctually preparing their "nest" site. 

Preparing Nest

As death nears, a few days before, some more social dogs stop eating to visit/interact with human family members, like saying goodbye.

Saying Goodbye 

Dogs can keenly sense human emotions/danger etc, so they may apply that perception to bodily changes happening internally too

Sixth Sense Strength 

Whether dogs know every detail or not, they settle in resting places as the weariness of age/illness fatigue them

Peace and Rest

Try not to disturb a resting terminally ill pet. Comfort them if distressed, but otherwise let them pass naturally 

With Understanding  

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